Coffe Shop

A chain of coffee shops started by Eurovia DMD and changed the way of thinking about coffee in North Macedonia.

With imported coffee culture from the old world, where coffee was considered a big or small macchiato, today there are more than 50 coffee recipes prepared by the staff at Baristas Coffee House. Baristas Coffee House is the daily need for local coffee addicts in every community where they serve. A desirable place that made you forget about the daily stresses of my life for a while, a convenient place to meet with friends, enjoy my company, enjoy great coffee and different specialties. cakes and pastries. The main feature of BCH is the hospitality, the guests have a choice, and we don’t want them to feel less than special. Every time with a growth-promoting presence wherever it serves and wherever it will appear. Behaviors and actions make Baristas more than just a name or a product. He represents everything we do!