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Eurovia Dsitribution is the leading distributor of consumer goods on the territory of North Macedonia focused on providing superior services to its clients. Since the establishment in 2016, the company has been dedicated to distribution, playing a significant role in the development of commerce in the local market.

ama® caffè is an exclusive and delicate blend to which we dedicate our time and experience with a unique purpose : the creation of superior quality  coffee product. We carefully select the varies type of  coffee beans, all grown in the best plantation around the world and through the tradition of Italian blenders , we offer you a full aroma and unique balance.

Official site: amacaffe.com

Online Shop North Macedonia: ama.mk 

Facebook: facebook.com/amacaffemk


Years of research and development have allowed us to develop the Caffitaly System: a combined system consisting of machines and capsules whose components are protected by international patents. These patents guarantee the company and its partners a unique and reliable system and provide the necessary tools to achieve success in their respective markets.

Official site: caffitaly.com


B/® Natural Mineral Water originates from an altitude of 2080 m above sea level. Once naturally filtred during it’s journey inside the mountain, it flows pure and rich in minerals from the Source of Pasha.


The company TESLA Batteries proudly continues the production under the TESLA brand which has started the production of high quality electrical equipment since 1946. Under the name of this company, premium quality batteries are produced that find a wide field of use at home, professional facilities, etc.

Official site: teslabatteries.com


“Le Petit Déjeuner” is a cereal range that gives special value to breakfast. It was created by TSAKIRIS FAMILY S.A. in order to offer consumers a range of high quality cereals. The series “Le Petit Déjeuner” covers all needs and ages, with cereals, rich in vitamins for children, whole grains, oats and rich in fiber for adults and of special nutritional value, such as gluten-free products, for consumers suffering from gluten intolerance. “Le Petit Déjeuner” was created with the aim of offering consumers a range of high quality cereals.


Toscanello was created post-World War II as an affordable option to Italy's favorite Toscano cigars. It was so successful that sharing a smoke with friends became a part of the Italian lifestyle, hence the nickname of "friendship cigar". It has an aromatic wood and oak flavor with notes of toast and earth. Box of 5 cigars.

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